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ROW Statement: Bumper Voting from 120+ countries, Global Top Ten declared

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Statement Updated 16-02-2021


Statement 13-02-2021

Statement Point: 13 February, 2021 10:10 AM Saturday, 13 February 2021 (GMT-5)

01. First of all, the board congratulates and expresses gratitude to all the voters and shortlist candidates for excellent voting from 120+ countries.

02. The #100Women #WomenHeroes #1000Women Initiative recognizes women leaders who are making an important difference in communities across the world.

03. Request to all Shortlist candidates to mail their updated CV and latest photo before February 16, 2021.

04. On February 16, 2021 only the top 50 percent candidates will be promoted for second round voting.

05. All voting procedures will be terminated on 25 February.

06. All results will be declared before 8th March or on the eve of Women's Day.

07. Cabinet of The Republic of Women will be formed by the end of March, based on the maximum votes received and the high social profile.

08. Top 10 Ranked Votes Achievers (Till: 13 February, 2021 10:10 AM Saturday, (GMT-5))

01. USA - Mary Millben, Singer & Activist

02. Uganda - Ashaba Faridah, TEDx Speaker, Activist

03. Nigeria - Linda Dooyum Kpum, Women Activist

04. India - Seema Samridhi, Advocate, Social Activists & Feminist

05. Switzerland - Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Women Activist

06. Bangladesh - Anika Ahmad Upoma, Women Activist

07. India - Parvati Jangid Suthar - Social Activist, Goodwill Ambassador

08. Afghanistan - Wadia Samadi - Journalist, Activist

09. Pakistan - Sonal Dhanani, Social Activist

10. Romania - Crina Popescu, Geographer, Peace Ambassador


Equality Meets Opportunity

Too often the voices of women go unheard. Republic of Women is a digital state, that aims at empowering girls, women worldwide. It is our mission to unite women around the world in one digital and borderless state. Together we fight against the most pressing issues of our time. We focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the lens of girls, women and children’s rights. Our ultimate goal is to create real change and impact, driven by women for women, across the world.

Since the launch of Republic of Women, the community has grown rapidly. In addition to the online world, Republic of Women will now be represented locally in the offline world as well through our Chapters program. Chapters, run by women, will represent Republic of Women locally in their communities, their district, their state & their country. This new forum will allow women the opportunity to engage with local issues in their own countries - by spreading the message, increasing awareness, building advocacy and creating action on issues that directly impact them. You can either join an existing chapter or start your own!

ROW Stmt 13-02-21
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