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The Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he or she may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective countries/states issues.

President Parvati Jangid’s Cabinet includes VP (Provisional) Linda Dooyum Kpum and core representatives.

Equality Meets Opportunity
Too often the voices of women go unheard. Republic of Women is a digital state, that aims at empowering girls, women worldwide. It is our mission to unite women around the world in one digital and borderless state. Together we fight against the most pressing issues of our time. We focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the lens of girls, women and children’s rights. Our ultimate goal is to create real change and impact for women, across the world.

A woman also has the power to burn herself slowly and make her family and the whole world fragrant. Salutations to femininity, greetings to motherhood. Women are venerable but men are also venerable. Both are excellent in their own place, both of them need cooperation in building society and the world. 

In The Republic of Women, we honor and welcome civilized men who have protected the woman's modesty, who always respects the woman in all forms, we call upon all such men, together let's make this beautiful world.

President PARVATI JANGID’s Cabinet reflects his pledge to appoint leaders of the globe that reflect the world they aim to serve.

In order of succession to the Presidency:

Meet The Cabinet (Provisional)

The Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) 

CHAIRPERSON :The Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC)

NOTE: Before the award ceremony or to announce award, five members for ARC will be nominated by the President who will send their recommendations to the ARC Chairperson.

Provisional International Council for ROW

ROW International Council includes President Her Excellency Parvati Jangid, Vice President Linda Dooyum Kpum, all above cabinet ministers and core representatives.

NIGERIA - Linda Dooyum Kpum
INDIA - Swati Lahoti
INDIA - Dr.Leela Joshi 
USA - Mary Millben
INDIA - Monica S Purohit
NIGERIA - Prayer Nwagboso Ikegwuonu
INDIA - Ritika Acharya
USA - Lisa Jones
THAILAND - Aphinita Chaichana
BANGLADESH - Anika Subah Ahmad Upoma
SWITZERLAND - Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi  
ROMANIA - Crina Popescu
ISRAEL - Noa Muzzafi

UGANDA - Ashaba Faridah 
INDIA - Seema Samridhi Kushwaha 
INDIA - Dr. Hetal Acharya 
USA - Savannah Redd 
INDIA - Dolma Yangchen (Tibbet)
INDIA- Dr. Kshetrimayum Vedmani Devi
INDIA - Sharmila Oswal
USA - Christina Weber
INDIA - Isha Bhandari
INDIA - Rabiah Bhatia
UK - Clara Rufai
INDIA - Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal
INDIA - Ritika Sharma
INDIA - Jyoti Singh Dhillon
BANGLADESH - Dr. Shahida Akhter
NIGERIA - Aisha Muhammad Bello
Canada Alberta - Uba Iwunwa
PAKISTAN - Sonal Dhanani  
PERU - Pierangeli Dodero
PAKISTAN - Samerha Iqbal
NIGERIA    - Naomi E. Emiowei
INDIA - Aditi sharma
BANGLADESH - Anindita Das Mimi
INDIA - Kaamini Goel
INDIA - Dr.Nidhi Prajapati
INDIA - Hema Srivastava
INDIA - Parul Dahiya
INDIA - Sunita Choudhary
INDIA - Archna sharma 

INDIA - Nikita Bhuva

INDIA - Rishiba Batra 

INDIA - Srishti Multani (Special Coordinator to The President of ROW)

Some more cabinet members & Spl He4She Members will be appointed ASAP.
In future, the members whose behavior, actions will not be in accordance with One World family(Vashudhaiv Kutumbakam) and world peace, they will be removed from this membership with immediate effect 
  : - Office of The President. 

Cabinet Effective after formation of all committees or permanent cabinet of 06 yrs terms by The President of ROW. 
 -: Order by CEB with the consent of the president. 

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