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The Republic of Women International Virtual University (ROWIVU) is an institute of higher education dedicated to the study of peace & Women Empowerment.
Created by the Republic of Women, the University for Peace & Women Empowerment will train leaders for peace, security & Women Empowerment. It is a unique global educational institution covering all the countries of the United Nations. Through its Diploma's, Graduates, Master's and doctoral degree programs, ROWIVU trains future leaders to explore and formulate strategies and practices in different contexts to find the cause of many problems affecting human and global well-being, and in this Kindly contributes to peacekeeping,  peace building and women empowerment processes. The ROWIVU's scholarly experience is experiential and unique,  empowered, transformational and will instill critical thinking in its students. This will mark a milestone in the field of world peace, women's education and women empowerment.

All programs coming soon...!

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