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ROW Election Results Finale Statement: Indian Youth Leader Parvati Jangid Wins ROW Presidency

#IWD2021 ROW I Updated: March 08, 2021 at 8:48 PM GMT+5:30

01. With the outstanding cooperation and voting from 120+ countries (Held between 10-25 February, 2021) The Republic of Women - Beauty on Earth Awards have become The Highest People's Choice Independent Honour in UN Countries. It makes International Women's Day-2021 more glorious.

02. Everyone participated in the voting with great enthusiasm, the board congratulates and expresses gratitude to all the voters and candidates for the excellent voting.

03. More than 50% of the total voting turnout from India and Nigeria, We also express our gratitude to the shortlisted candidates and voters of India and Nigeria.

04. Parvati Jangid Suthar INDIA, United Nations Volunteer Roster Number: 2172478, was elected the President of the Republic of Women (The World's First Borderless Digital "State" for Women- by Women to Lend a Voice to Millions of Women). Ms Jangid wins with 882 Electoral Points.

05. The Cabinet of The Republic of women will be formed by the end of the March or mid of April 2021 by the president on the recommendation of the CEB.

06. All kinds of rights/certification etc with ROW related information will be sent to the elected president's private mail soon.

07. TOP Ten List:

NOTE: All awards / certification will be sent as soon as possible by mail or diplomatic channel.

​Thanks to all participants countries

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